Posted on 18 March 2014, at 22:43 in Projects
Jumpinthepack's a famous YouTuber with over 750k subscribers! He uploads videos about League of Legends, mainly Top Fails clips. He's widely known in the LoL community and it was extremely satisfying being able to create his website. Feel free to check the site out at www.jumpinthepack.com.



Posted on 18 March 2014, at 22:15 in Projects
UVLADBRO is a website for the Facebook page League of Legends Memes. The website consists of the latest memes submitted from admins and fans. It was very enjoyable to work with Cavin (owner of UVLADBRO) as it was the most complicated project I've ever worked on. I made it from scratch, using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. Having the opportunity to work with Cavin taught me a lot as I had to learn things that I've never thought I would. I prefer designing websites, but for UVLADBRO I had to learn and develop a meme script.


AQ Hosting

Posted on 18 March 2014, at 22:12 in Projects
AQ Hosting is a company situated in Belgium, and provides cheap and reliable web hosting and domain names. I was very fortunate enough to get offered to develop AQ Hosting's website. I had a lot of fun and received A LOT of experience working with Mathieu (the original previous CEO of AQ Hosting). This website was coded in the basic languages, HTML and CSS. I also designed their logo which I was very hesitant about, as I was unfamiliar with Photoshop...but thankfully I was able to produce something good! AQ Hosting was my first "Swinn Design" project. One of my favourite things about designing this website, was knowing that people will actively use it, as AQ Hosting relies on the website for their business. Feel free to check the site out at www.aqhosting.net.

I'm the guy on the left.

About me

Posted on 17 March 2014, at 17:44 in Personal
Hi my name's Chris and I'm a self taught web designer. I've been designing websites since 2011. I'm still in high school, but 2014 is my last year. I started this passion by creating websites for my friends and family. I've learned and nearly mastered the languages, HTML, CSS, PHP, and much more. I've created my own CMS (content-management-system) and I've never used Wordpress, Drupal, etc.

Through my experience on the internet, I've come to meet some of the most talented people, who have taught me much. The people I've worked with in the past year are mainly individuals, companies, organisations, gamers, music artists and much more. When I design, I always try to take initiative and push the boundaries.

If you want to find out more on what I'm capable of, check out my projects section.

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